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Furutech FA-220 double core OCC cable cm

Article code: KA13

Furutech FA-220 double core OCC cable  cm

Furutech FA-220 PC-OCC Interconnect cable with 2 conductors. Use it for symmetrical or balanced (XLR) interconnects. But also for normal coaxial uses, here simply take the two conductors together. Each conductor contains 80 x 0.18 mm ultra pure OCC (or monocrystalline) copper wires. Outside diameter is 9.0 mm. 

Excellent symmetrical interconnect cable, manufactured with copper according to the OCC procedure. Sound characteristic: Excellent bass response and a wonderful staging, combined with clear and crisp highs. Fast and detailed.

Price is per Cm.


Discount scheme:
1 = 0 %
800 = 10 %


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