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Furutech FI-E38R Schuko connector - Rhodium

Article code: F13

Furutech FI-E38R Schuko connector - Rhodium

Furutech Gold/Rhodium Schuko connector FI-E50 (R) N1
High End grade mains plug. For 16A 250 Volt AC.

•α (Alpha) Pure copper Rhodium plated Conductor 
•Nylon/fiberglass body incorporating nano sized ceramic particles for absorption of vibration resonance.
•Multi layered nonmagnetic stainless steel and carbon fiber housing and incorporating acetal copolymer. The best of damping and insulation materials for improvements in frequency extension and tonal quality..
•Metal cable clamp for improved grip and reduction of mechanically and electrically induced distortion.

•Specified for cable diameters from 6mm to 20mm
•Dimensions: Body length 56.6mm x 40.5mm diameter x 93mm overall length