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Furutech FP-803 Binding Posts Paar/pair

Artikelcode: BP05

Furutech FP-803 Binding Posts  Paar/pair

Furutech FP-803 Binding Posts
High-End luidspreker aansluitklemmen type FP-803 van Furutech. Naar keuze Gold of Rhodium. Prijs per paar.
Zorgvuldig gedraaide body.

• Main conductor: α (Alpha) Phosphor bronze conductor 24k Gold plated
• Housing: Fog black finished eutectic copper alloy
• Nylon (red/white) and Polycarbonate (clear) insulation
• Connections: Soldered or set-screw
• Specified for core diameters up to 4.5mm
・Dimensions: Housing: 15.5φ x 21.3mm (H) overall height
・Insulation: Polycarbonate (Clear) 19.1φ± 0.2mm x 7.2mm(H)
・Total overall length: 54.5 mm approx.