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Nordost "Norse" Cordons-Cavalier HP set

Code article: LS41


Nordost "Norse" Cordons-Cavalier ou Bi-Wire Jumpers HP
- Dedicated bi-wire jumper replaces stock items.
- Micro mono-filament technology
- Silver-plated OFC solid-core copper conductors
- Lightweight connectors in multiple configurations ensure optimum results

Although Nordost has always offered matching bi-wire jumpers for each of its speaker cables, now, for the first time, they are offering a dedicated design that offers superior performance for the price.

Based on micro mono-filament technology, each pair of jumpers takes a straight-line, low-loss approach to the problem of replacing the bent metal plates or generic wires supplied with most loudspeakers. Using high-quality, low-mass terminations, the standard configuration is spade to 4mm Z-plug.

Here, simplicity really is the key: replace standard bridging plates with Norse Series Jumpers and you’ll be astonished at the difference. Do it with a speaker that’s already hooked up with Nordost micro mono-filament speaker cable and that difference will be even more apparent. 

The Norse Series Jumpers are supported by detailed installation guide. This outlines and illustrates the various options when it comes to connecting bi-wirable speakers, ensuring that you get every last ounce of performance from your Jumpers.

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