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Shark Wire Pure silver cable 8.5 mm cm

Article code: KA01

Shark Wire Pure silver cable 8.5 mm  cm

Sharkwire Pure Silver Screened Audio Cable
The ultimate from Shark Wire in high quality screened audio cable, having 6 extruded, pure silver strands as the centre conductor in a red polyethylene inner insulator, surrounded by a silver-plated copper braid over foil screening, covered overall in a translucent sheath. Total silver cross section surface is 0.40 mm2. Overall diameter 8.5 mm. Impedance 75 Ohm. Suitable for analog and digital purposes and because of its effective screening especially for connections between pick-up cartridge and step-up transformer or (pre)amplifier.
Sound reproduction can be described as: clear, very subtle and detailed, fast.
Standard price is for 1 cm mono length. Simply order total length in centimeters.


Discount scheme:
1 = 0 %
500 = 10 %


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