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SUPRA DAC 2-core audio cable - cm

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SUPRA DAC 2-core audio cable  - cm

SUPRA DAC 2-core audio cable
SUPRA DAC Interconnection Cable ensures a fast interconnect of extremely low capacitance. In accordance with our design concept the inductance is to be low for a loudspaker cable whereas for an interconnect the capacitance is to be low. Supra DAC is insulated with PE foam skin which makes only 45 pF/m. It is screened with our very efficient and strong semiconductive nylon ribbon. The high frequency properties of Supra DAC are outstandingly good, owing to its high velocity factor. More clean transients and thus improved space dimension comes with the high velocity. The velocity factor of Supra DAC is as high as 78% of the speed of light.

For analog as well as digital uses. Make your own balanced (XLR) or semi-balanced (RCA) interconnect. Both conductors > 99,999% pure OFC copper together with a semi-conductive Nylon screening. Outside diameter 6.1 mm. Colour Ice Blue. Also for professional use, this signal cable is AES/EBU 110 Ohm.

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