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Supra Rondo 4x4mm2 Loudspeaker Cables set

Article code: LS01

Supra Rondo 4x4mm2 Loudspeaker Cables  set

Supra Rondo 4x4 mm2 Bi-Wiring or Bi-Amping Loudspeaker Cables
This SUPRA Rondo set boasts an impressive 4x4mm2 conductor size and that's very much OK. These conductors are made of oxygen-free pure copper (OFC) and that generates a fine sound reproduction, musical and full of dynamics. However this cable is never coloured. Carefully terminated with LOK SureGrip banana plugs.
So, we recommend it without hesitations. Especially for your bi-wiring or bi-amping needs (see options).
Standard length is 2 x 240 cm, other lengths as an option.