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Wyrewizard Dreamcaster Loudspeaker cable - cm

max length 85 cm

Article code: KA19

Wyrewizard Dreamcaster Loudspeaker cable  - cm

WYREWIZARD DREAMCASTER Loudspeaker Cable is a high quality cable designed to offer superior performance in any A/V system. It consists of 4 solid core 99.99999% OFC conductors contained in an extruded FEP insulation. The cable is wound in a double twisted pair configuration for maximum RFI rejection and ease of bi-wiring. DREAMCASTER offers deep bass response, superb sound-staging, and sparkling musicality. DREAMCASTER can be custom terminated to suit a wide variety of A/V system requirements.
Wyrewizard is a subsidiary of Nordost.
This type of cable also exists in single wiring, called Spellbinder. We at Holland Link suggest however, that you always use this Dreamcaster version, also for single wiring, since the increased conductor diameters enhance dynamics in your sound production.

Price is per centimeter and without plugs. 

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