SUPRA MD08-16-EU/SP Mk3 Netzleiste mit Überspannungsschutz – 8-fach


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SUPRA MD08-16-EU/SP Mk 3 Netzleiste mit Überspannungsschutz 8x

Lieferzeit 4 Wochen.

8 Steckdosen mit Überspannungsschutz. Neues Mk III Modell !

  • Braucht 20A Netzkabel mit 20A IEC Stecker .


Preis pro Stück, ohne Netzkabel


– 8 Schuko Steckdosen mit vergoldete Kontakte
– Sicherung16A
– Supra LoRad Leitern
– Aluminium Gehaüse


SUPRA NIF Transient Filter 
All models are equipped with SUPRA NIF (Non-Intrusive Filtering), a mild transient filter which will not influence the transient properties of the equipment. SUPRA NIF is developed by Ben Duncan Research in England.

3-Way Surge Protection
The SP-models, i.e MD06-BS/SP, MD06-EU/SP and MD06-US/SP, are all equipped with SUPRA’s surge protection device which protects all three ways: Live to Earth, Neutral to Earth and Live to Neutral. Many other surge protectors are only Live to Neutral, and do not protect against field surges by proximate lightning. Lightning is always referred to earth. For a correct and safe 3-way surge protection, the mains block has to be connected to an earthed wall socket.


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