KONDO Audio Note Operia SPc 2.5 Loudspeaker Cables set


Select the desired length and finishing (for double or bi-wiring order 2x)

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KONDO Audio Note Operia SPc 2.5 loudspeaker cables
Cables by Kondo Audio Note Japan. Made of ultra pure OFC copper, age annealed 20 years.
  • basic structure: Pure copper 8 cores, Core structure 80 strands (10 strands x 8 cores)
  • braided shield
  • termination φ2 Audio Note pure silver pin
Very natural Sound, without any trace of sharpness!
Price is for length 2x 2 meters,other lengths as option. For Double/Bi Wire: order 2x and select the desired finishing.
Contact us for other lengths and Kondo AN models

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2 meter, 2,5 meter, 3 meter


bi-wiring, single wiring


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