Furutech ADL Alpha Line Plus Interconnect – PCOCC


UGS : IN32 Catégorie :


Furutech PC-OCC ADL Alpha Line Plus Interconnect

Furutech introduces this affordable analogue interconnect, built with Furutech top class materials: 2 stranded PCOCC conductors, cotton insulation and FP-110(G) PCOCC RCA plugs. A copper braid screening keeps your signal clean. This Alpha Line Plus is now your ideal entry-level Furutech interconnect.


Features Furutech Alpha Line Plus Interconnect:
-conductor: PCOCC 30/0,18 stranded (balanced type), non-magnetic and super cryogenically treated
– Insulation: special grade high density polyethylene foam 
– Construction: two cores with cotton filler twisted together
– Shielding: 0.12mm a-conductor wire braid 
– Jacket sheath: PVC, overall diameter 8,0 mm.

Price is for stereo length 1.0 meter 


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