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Harmonic Technology Truth Link XLR Interconnect (demo model)

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Harmonic Technology Truth Link Copper XLR Interconnect – DEMO MODEL

This Harmonic Technology Truth Link Copper interconnect cable uses the highest purity 6N copper in the world, (99.9997%), with Single Crystal (OCC) technology. This interconnect is the finest available for those who like the sweet sound of copper. The “Balanced Field Geometry” and use of the finest insulation allows Truth-Link to open up the sound field of your system like you’ve never heard before. Precision plugs are available in both RCA or XLR for balanced use. This interconnect will outperform models costing many times more than its modest price and should be considered to be the absolute reference in copper wire interconnects!


Stereo length 100 cm, balanced demo cable with XLR plugs


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